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        Japan Post Group CSR Basic Policy

        Japan Post Group CSR Basic Policy

        On April 1, 2018, Japan Post Group revised Japan Post Group CSR Basic Policy in consideration of the results of stakeholder engagement and other activities regarding Group CSR carried out from May to November 2017.
        This revision makes it clear that being a company that lives and grows together with society is the fundamental concept of Japan Post Group CSR which itself is based on the concept of "sustainability." At the same time, the revision articulates our three basic CSR themes: "Together with Local Communities", "Together with the Earth", "Together with People."

        New Basic Policy

        Japan Post Group will achieve sustainable growth as a company and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and future with the aim of being a "Total Lifestyle Support Group" that is of service to customers and local communities.
        We will contribute to realizing a safe, secure and prosperous society by maintaining fair, transparent and sound management, while also faithfully fulfilling our role as a key infrastructure of local communities through our post office network and employees.
        We will work as a group to address each of the following issues through all of our business activities, beginning with universal services in our postal, banking and insurance businesses.

        1. Together with Local Communities

        1. We shall strive for sustainable coexistence with local communities by understanding their issues and demands and communicating with stakeholders to provide the best services.

        2. Together with the Earth

        1. We shall strive to undertake business operations adapted to the impact of climate change and actively promote business and environmental conservation activities with consideration toward reducing our burden on the environment.

        3. Together with People

        1. We shall respect the human rights of all people involved in the business activities of the Group and aim to ensure a safe and friendly working environment and build a fulfilling workplace where individual employees can exercise independence and creativity.
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