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        In collaboration with various NPOs, director and employee volunteers of Japan Post Group have been performing afforestation activities such as the planting of tress in national forests throughout the country since 2008.

        Reforestation Activities of JP-no-Mori

        Concept of Activities

        Japan Post Group has established "JP-no-Mori" as its main initiative to promote the growth of forests. Under this program, director and employee volunteers of Japan Post Group take part in afforestation activities in collaboration with organizations such as the NPO Dongurinokai and so on.

        Schedule of Activities

        As a kickoff, volunteers consisting of group employees and their families started afforestation activities in Kimitsu, Chiba in 2008. At this site, activities are carried out in collaboration with the NPO Dongurinokai, and so far approximately ten hectares of trees have been planted, with the hope that these small seedlings grow into a big forest.

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