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        JP Children's Tree-Planting Campaign

        JP Children's Tree-Planting Campaign

        Japan Post Group supports activities that nursery and kindergarten children nationwide experience reforestation activities in cooperation with various NPOs.

        Concept of Activities

        Support for the JP Children's Tree-Planting Campaign

        Japan Post Group favors the "JP Children's Tree-Planting Campaign" administered by the NPO "Children's Tree-Planting Promotion Network" and supports its development activities throughout the country at various sites, including its post offices.
        Through an integrated reforestation program, children pick up seeds (acorns) in nurseries and kindergartens cultivate the saplings in gardens and grow them into trees in forests. The campain aims to let children get close to plants and forests from an early age, and to impart in them an "indomitable spirit" and a "sound awareness of the environment", including the importance of nature and trees and the preciousness of life and so on.

        JP Children's Tree-Planting Campaign: Support for "Tohoku Regeneration Green Wave"

        Acorns, which are picked up by kindergarten children in areas struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake from 2012 onwards, are grown by kindergarten children throughout the country and then sent back to be planted in the disaster-hit areas.

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