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        English Home
        CSR Report

        CSR Report

        Japan Post Group CSR Report 2017

        【image】Japan Post Group CSR Report 2017

        Editorial Policy
        This report was created to further deepen the understanding of all of our stakeholders about our community and social contribution activities as well as the environmental initiatives of the Japan Post Group.
        This report provides even more specific information about Japan Post Group initiatives by actively sharing unedited remarks of companies, associations and individuals interviewed about their involvement with those initiatives.

        Reporting Scope
        This report fundamentally focuses on Japan Post Holdings and the main Group companies*.
        *Japan Post Co., Ltd., Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd., and Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd.

        Reporting Period
        This report mainly focuses on initiatives between October 2016 and September 2017, but some information includes initiatives that took place after October 2017.

        Date of Publish
        December 2017

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        Japan Post Holdings Co.,Ltd.
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