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        Japan Post Group Environmental Vision

        Japan Post Group Environmental Vision

        ? The Japan Post Group recognizes its responsibility to pass on to future generations the beautiful and livable Earth and will seek to conserve the global and regional environment as one of the important Group management issues. We will observe laws, regulations and other agreements and endeavor to prevent pollution or other environmental issues that may arise from our execution of business.

        ? The Japan Post Group will monitor the status of the global and regional environment and the environmental impact of our business operations, define specific targets and constantly refine our activities by reviewing these targets on a regular basis. We will designate the following three items as the highest priority among the environmental activities and undertake initiatives in each field.

        1. Implementing Global Warming Response Measures

        We will define total numerical targets for reduction in CO2 emissions (*) from our business operations and appropriately manage CO2 emissions.

        2. Promoting the Cultivation of Sustainable Forests

        We will contribute to the cultivation of sustainable forests both through our business activities and social contribution activities.

        3. Making Efficient Use of Resources

        We will work to reduce paper usage and at the same time introduce eco-friendly practices, such as drastically increasing the use of recycled paper. We will also strive to save resources by encouraging the recycling of office supplies used in our business activities.

        ? Each company and employee in the Japan Post Group will share this Environmental Vision, and the Japan Post Group proactively discloses environment-related information.

        (*) Note: Our Environmental Vision only covers energy-derived CO2 emissions.

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