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        Investor Relations
        Management Policy
        Group Medium-term Management Plan

        Group Medium-term Management Plan

        Japan Post Group announced the "Japan Post Group Medium-term Management Plan", for the period from Fiscal Year ending March 31 2019 to Fiscal Year ending March 31 2021. Considering the plan as term aiming for securing stable income and a start towards sustainable growth in a difficult environment, Japan Post Group aims to become a Total Lifestyle Support Group as team JP, with ensuring universal services, working together as a Group centered around the post office network.

        Basic policies

        1. 1.
          Development of business that supports the total lifestyles of customers
        2. 2.
          Securing stable income for the Group
        3. 3.
          Development of environment that enables employees to demonstrate their full capabilities
        4. 4.
          Development of new businesses aimed at future growth

        Basic policies by business

        (1)Postal and logistics business
        Comprehensive review of product and operations systems and strengthening of service infrastructure to support an expansion in parcel
        (2)Post office business
        Coexistence with local community by maintaining, strengthening and maximum utilizing the post office network through deployment of unique and diverse post offices in accordance with regional needs, etc.
        (3)International logistics business
        Improvements in management of Toll and deployment of contract logistics in Japan through strengthening synergy between JP and Toll
        (4)Banking business
        Diversification and sophistication of investment management, expansion of non-interest revenue and efficient resource allocation
        (5)Life insurance business
        Reversal/growth of policies in force through sales activities focusing on protection needs and improvement in solicitation quality

        Numerical targets for FY2021/3 and dividend policy

        Group consolidated

        Earnings per share of at least 100yen*

        Dividend per share of at least 50yen

        (Implementation of stable dividends)

        * Assuming the current number of issued shares (excluding treasury stock), net income attributable to Japan Post Holdings of approximately 405 billion yen

        Japan Post
        Consolidated net operating income 90 billion yen
        Postal and logistics business 40 billion yen
        Post office business 30 billion yen
        International logistics business 20 billion yen
        Consolidated net income 65 billion yen
        Number of Yu-pack handled About +200 million

        (compared to FY2018/3)

        Japan Post Bank
        Consolidated net ordinary income 390 billion yen
        Consolidated net income

        (Reference)Earnings per share 74 yen

        280 billion yen
        Secure capital adequacy ratio of about 10%*

        * After consideration of strengthening of financial regulations

        Assets under management
        (compared to FY2018/3)

        including Investment trusts balance About +1.7 trillion yen**

        About +1.8 trillion yen
        Secure dividend per share of 50yen

        (Implementation of stable dividends)

        ** The cumulative total of "sales amount - cancellation amount" for 3 years (not market price basis )

        Japan Post Insurance
        Annualized premiums for policies in force About 4.9 trillion yen
        Earnings per share

        (Reference)Consolidated net income 93 billion yen

        155 yen
        Aim to increase dividend to 76 yen per share while ensuring the soundness of management

        * The interest rates, foreign exchange rates, stock prices, which are the premise of each numerical target, are set based on the situation at the end of December 2017.

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